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C++ Engineer for Vision Systems

Location Bratislava Price We are obliged to publish a minimum salary limit of 1,300 eur/month but your final offer may be higher depending on you skill and experience level (up to approx. 3000 eur/month)

We are looking for a skilled Machine Vision Engineer who will design and implement approaches to solve problems in various fields of 3D processing, such as...

iOS Developer

Location Bratislava/Bernolákovo Price 1700€+ zaleží od skúseností

Chceš pomôcť Spidermanovi, Bumblebeemu alebo Jamesovi Bondovi? Buď hrdina a pridaj sa do tímu iOS developerov, ktorí svojou aplikáciou uľahčujú...

Automation Tester

Location Bratislava/ Germany Price 1500 - 3000 eur/m (depending on skill level)

We are looking for a skilled automation tester to join our clients growing team and work on international projects.

Microsoft Identity and Cloud Services Specialist (Azure/ Office 365/ Active Directory)

Location Bratislava Price Minimum salary we are obliged by law to cite is 864 eur/month, the final offer may be higher (up to cca 3500 eur/month) depending on your skills and experience.

Looking for a skilled MS identity and cloud services professional for a client from banking industry.

Data Scientist

Location Bratislava Price Basic wage component starting at 2600 eur/month (your final offer may be higher, depending on your competencies and skills)

We are looking for a skilled Data Scientist who will join our clients team focused on data science and analytics providing data science environments,...

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